Here are various projects we are hacking on, have already done, or (further down the list) just occurred to us. Check out also the list of stuff you can try out in brmlab yourself.

If you need something special for your project and you think that hackerspace would not mind to buy it or some of our members can find it at home, you can let us know on Equipment wishlist (and/or IRC and mailinglist) - just make sure that we do not already have it (check Equipment page).

You are very much invited to ask around to gather support, interested people, ideas and advice for your projects, and we're looking forward to hearing about your progress, or seeing it by our own eyes in the hackerspace or at least on some meetup. :-)

Want to create a project? If it's only a random idea right now, just add it to the list at the bottom. If you have more to say and show, you will want to create a page for it - just go to the URL bar and substitute project/start with project/<id> (just think something up). The easiest way to add content is to copy-paste wiki code from some other project page and just change all the text. :-) You need to add it manually to the list here then - just cut, paste 'n modify again.

If you want to officially start your project (i.e. you have thought about it enough already and want to finally get hacking), just change its status in the wiki and move it around at this page. Please note that all projects that are “in progress” should have some indication of progress status and at least very preliminary plans of how the work should progress further - just look at some existing ones.

Please add as much detail to your project as possible. The reader should clearly understand what's the project about, why is it cool, what should be the end result and ideally be able to fully reproduce it based on the wiki page - we believe in open hardware and documenting and sharing our work!

BrmDoorStatus: active
BrmHistologyStatus: active
AndroidStatus: active
MedlabStatus: active
BrmPawStatus: done
FreeBSDStatus: active
CSIRTStatus: active
UrbexStatus: active
Prague Geek CalendarStatus: planned
AkvariumStatus: active
AS/400Status: active
RepRapStatus: active
Secure remailerStatus: active
Presentation CenterStatus: active
Navod ke hre Modra Velryba
Technology timeline
Cpunk boxStatus: suspended
WeathersondeStatus: active
AIXStatus: active
BrmPaw2Status: in progress
Networking labStatus: active
Prusa i3 MK2Status: active
Scintillation counterStatus: terminated
WiFi WarzoneStatus: active
Héliový hledač netěsností Varian 936 60Status: terminated
IR-PájkaStatus: active
EFF Surveillance Self-Defense Czech translationStatus: active
AR SandBoxStatus: active
Software Defined RadioStatus: active
DIY Pokemon GO Plus deviceStatus: active
BrmversityStatus: active
ARM hardware debuggingStatus: active
BitcoinStatus: active
Brmbot OutdoorStatus: finished
BRainMachineStatus: completed
Biofeedback, Brain hackingStatus: active
LessDuinoStatus: active
COBOLStatus: active
kurvitko.orgStatus: active
OK1RBM aka HAM radioStatus: active
CubeSatStatus: postponed
Reverse Code EngineerngStatus: active
BrmtendoStatus: postponed
Micro 3D StereolitografieStatus: příprava
BrmzionStatus: idea
Graffiti Research LabStatus: planned
RFID ZapperStatus: postponed
BrmbagStatus: idea
Centrifugal laser sinteringStatus: postponed
brmMotionDetectorStatus: idea
PCB PrinterStatus: planning
Exocorpus MaximusStatus: planned
BiometricsStatus: idea
RHex cloneStatus: planned
Holophonic ResearchStatus: idea
3D ScannerStatus: planned
Auto-aiming turretStatus: planned
MultiTouchStatus: dormant
ReactableStatus: planned
HVM security researchStatus: postponed
Democratic JuKe!BoxStatus: planning
CoilGUNStatus: planned
Book-Flipping ScannerStatus: postponed
KiltStatus: suspended
DIY FiberOptics KitStatus: suspended
Laser RangefinderStatus: suspended
CNC machineStatus: planning
Open PadlockStatus: active
Project BiolabStatus: alive and kicking!
MyxoBrm aneb HlenkoBrmStatus: idea
Circuit BendingStatus: idea
DIY pinball tableStatus: planned
Cyber SchoolStatus: active
BrmTronStatus: active
BrmballStatus: active
BCIStatus: active
rBotCStatus: idea
Tool lending networkStatus: suspended
QuadcopterStatus: on hold
Chip reverse engineeringStatus: active
Steampunk computerStatus: suspended
SpectrometerStatus: on hold
Secure StorageStatus: active
MIGHTStatus: finished
Crypto-anonymity knowbaseStatus: active
Laser EavesdroppingStatus: suspended
LEDCubeStatus: suspended
Laser harpStatus: suspended
LaserCutterStatus: on hold
InteractivetableStatus: suspended
Modular SynthStatus: suspended
DataProjector ModsStatus: suspended
LiveView hackingStatus: suspended
Data retentionStatus: suspended
OSS Crypto supportStatus: active
FreeStyle C0ding ContestStatus: suspended
BrmLifeStatus: finished
BrmRatStatus: suspended
BrmBot TuringStatus: suspended
BRMtenderStatus: suspended
Augmented/Virtual RealityStatus: suspended
DIY cotton candy machineStatus: finished
KinectStatus: suspended
DecoderStatus: finished
BuildwatchStatus: done
CryptoTokenStatus: done
FreakCardStatus: active
Conditioning Chamber for Cognitive ExperimentsStatus: finished
BrmduinoStatus: finished
Fluffy BallStatus: finished
RGB Laser ProjectorStatus: done
EduBRMStatus: done
Fun with WiimoteStatus: done
ElbowStatus: done
AKeyboardStatus: finished
TETRAPOL-KITStatus: radioaktivni
TeslabStatus: active
Food hackingStatus: active
BrmBüroStatus: active
brmBarStatus: active
Modular radiation detectorStatus: active
MetaldetectorStatus: active
MicroprinterStatus: finished
Metal castingStatus: active
Live Wire Go BoardStatus: active
IPv6Status: active
ChaosVPNStatus: active
BrmRTGStatus: active
brmScopeStatus: finished
BrmTorStatus: active
BrmvacuumStatus: active
DIY electron microscopeStatus: active
WarZoneStatus: active
Mainframe z/OSStatus: active
Brmlab LEDbarStatus: active
GSMStatus: active
BrmsonStatus: active
BrmHiveStatus: suspended
brmCarrambaStatus: idea

Your project not listed above?

Note: The list of a projects You see above is automagically generated by slightly customized dirpictures dokuwiki plugin. In order to have your project listed on this list there is no need to edit this site. Just adhere to the following rules:

  • your project has a main page called “start” in its own namespace (like https://brmlab.cz/project/hack_the_planet/start)
  • project page mentioned above contains something similar to the following code (without space between tildas):
   ~ ~META:
   status = active
   &relation firstimage = :project:hack_the_planet_icon.jpg
   ~ ~

If you create a new project page the template already includes code prefilled. Just modify code offered to suit your needs.

Sub-Ideas (2-30 words long ideas)

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