BSD OS Systems
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software license: BSD
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TODO: Next bsd operating system

General information about FreeBSD

Goals and ideas project

* More information about FreeBSD OS.

* More information about network layer

* More information about kernel

* Porting kernel for other unfriendly platforms

* Porting or Run kernel for other unfriendly android mobile phones or tablets.

* More routers with BSD

Project One - Making a new FreshPorts - It DONE

Goals and ideas project

* More information about package for FreeBSD and for users other operation system.

* Information how make a new ports to mainstream

* More information also making a new port

* record is on page talknight and slide is here: https://brmlab.cz/_media/event/maxfx-freebsd_ports.pdf

Project Two - Welcome to router - work in progress

Goals and ideas project

* Run FreeBSD OS on routers

* I am preparing talk to taklnight

Project Three - BSD monitoring - Prepare

Goals and ideas project

Monitoring BSD family for security issues, patches between bsd family.

More information about patches and issues between FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD and next …





* DragonFly advisores

Project Four - Goodbye android!

Goals and ideas project

* Run bsd to unfriendly tablets


Goals and ideas project

OpenBSD The practical paranoid

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