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jenda [Zdroje] +http://www.xsgeo.com/course/contents.htm
event:dsp [2018/09/03 20:52]
jenda https://github.com/ZipCPU/interpolation/raw/master/tutorial.pdf[Zdroje]
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   * http://​pruvodce.ucw.cz/​   * http://​pruvodce.ucw.cz/​
   * http://​www.xsgeo.com/​course/​contents.htm   * http://​www.xsgeo.com/​course/​contents.htm
 +  * [https://​github.com/​ZipCPU/​interpolation/​raw/​master/​tutorial.pdf|Interpolation howto]]
 {{tag>​video}} {{tag>​video}}
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