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 [[http://​flattr.com/​thing/​220653/​brmlab-on-Flattr|{{http://​api.flattr.com/​button/​flattr-badge-large.png}}]] [[http://​flattr.com/​thing/​220653/​brmlab-on-Flattr|{{http://​api.flattr.com/​button/​flattr-badge-large.png}}]]
 +===== GIVT =====
 +Brmlab muzete podporit i pri vasem nakupovani v internetovych e-shopech pomoci givt.cz
 +[[https://​givt.cz/​brmlab-z-s|Brmlab na givt.cz]]
 ===== Hardware ===== ===== Hardware =====
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