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Regular meetups are organized every Tuesday.

Next meetup

When: 01 November 2016
Where: Bubenská 1, Prague (see Place if you don't know how to get in …)
Details: Meetups

Rough schedule

(times can vary wildly in practice)

  • 19:00 - 20:00: welcoming newcomers, free discussion, mingling
  • 20:00 - 20:30: official meetup agenda (see below for details); not interested people can continue free discussion in other rooms
  • 20:30+: free discussion, hacking stuff! :-)

The meetups are opened for anyone interested, of course non-members are heartily welcome! While the space starts really filling up after 19:00, the space will generally be open since 18:30 (or even quite earlier) - it's recommended you come early, especially if this is your first time! We will be happy to show you cool things we have already done, ask you about your ideas and show you around. :-)

Planned official agenda

  • stav polozek z TODO listu
  • report z projektov a udalostí za uplynulý týždeň, prehľad udalostí nasledujúceho týždňa.
  • dalsi napady, brainstorming
  • predstaveni novacku a hostí (jsou-li pritomni)


  • studentska sleva gygal, maxfx
  • projektor od sysopa a lampa na piskoviste
  • finalizace rozpoctu 2013
  • status report:


Detailed minutes of every meetup are available in the members section.

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